Thank you for visiting our site.  We are dedicated to helping the less fortunate with donations of food, clothing and money that you all provide us.

We are blessed to be a blessing. We truly believe with all our hearts the word of God is true, and speaks life, healing, and prosperity, to all born-again believers. We are more blessed to give than to receive. Wow! What an awesome verse, and an awesome, beautiful way to live. My wife Rachel and I received Jesus Christ into our hearts as our Lord and savior over twenty-two years ago. Within that time, God has taken us from living on the streets of New York City, deeply lost and it was drugs that were our god, and it was getting high, we did every day. We lied, stole, and cheated, it was all about us and getting high. We didn’t care who we hurt, lied to or stole from. We ate out of garbage cans, and slept anywhere we could.

The living word of God has truly transformed us from being the worthless scum of life, to kings and priest. God has truly changed our hearts and lives from being self-centered, to not only givers but doers of the Word. Praise God our lives our fruitful in our giving. We give from our hearts, not to get or to be seen from others for our rewards are in God not in man. For over fifteen years we dedicated our lives honoring God with not only with our money, but with our time being servants and meeting the needs to those in need.